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【给圣诞老人的一封信英语作文 篇一】

Dear Santa Claus:


It is Christmas, you must be busy, the children are eagerly waiting for wearing red cotton-padded jacket, wearing a Santa hat you, rode the reindeer driving sled, carrying bags of gifts, accompanied by the melodious bell, bring joy to the world.

A year before I will receive your favorite Christmas gift: toy bear, beautiful clothes, computer, baby... Everything, so I am always happy Christmas, so I believe your special love to me. There are so many children in the world, are waiting for their own gifts, sweet dream one night, only a few hours time, would you like to travel around the world, then into a chimney, gently put delicate beautiful gift in the Christmas stockings full of dreams, but once you are under me, I really love you so much!

Every year when I grow up I just know, there is no Santa Claus in the world, you are just exist in a fairy tale, and every year to put gifts into the Christmas stockings, just love my father and mother. But I have been naive to think: "even ufos and aliens are likely to exist, you must be also exist, or else how can have so many stories about you?"

I want a Christmas gift this year is a little special, I wish it can become a reality. Two days before I saw on television a child from the dabie mountains, he had leukemia, he is unhappy, he is lucky, because the doctor found the umbilical cord blood can save him! But his family don't pay a huge operation, his despair. After I watched the in the mind special sad, ask my mom to TV stations to his donations, mother agreed. But I know these are not enough, so I wish to let you bring my mind to every kid, let's give a sick little brother recovered a little!

This is the first time I don't ask you for what you want, you will help me achieve? And I want to, for those who need help, reach out to each person, should be to help them achieve desire "Santa Claus", right?

Wish you forever!









【给圣诞老人的一封信英语作文 篇二】

Dear Santa Claus:

A: hello! I am a ordinary citizens of the earth, thank you for every year when ice and snow flutters to give us gifts, we are now living environment you are obvious to all.

Now the environment than day by day: when I get up in the morning, this should see is the Oriental bursting out of the red sun, two or three lovely birds singing in the branches of song, but now it is polluted air, HuiChenChen sky; Walking down the street from school at noon, this should see the grass is green, the flowers in full bloom, hits the lofty and forceful green trees, and now is swaying white trash everywhere, on the road and the exhaust gas from cars emit strong odor; Go out for a walk in the evening, this should see the deep blue sky, like a meteor spill a drop of water in the river, flowers, fly out of the Milky Way, across the deep blue sky, and now is the sky that heavy black death, it also covered can't see the stars in the ray of light spot yesterday night like fairy tale is torn.

Ah! Santa Claus, I wish the world in the future but this: in the future I don't liuxue86.com see anything, those contaminated mist, the mountain stream gurgling mountain fog everywhere, the birds chirp, mountain green grass... In the future, in the morning, the lake like a fairy sleep in on his round of lotus leaf, woke up from my dream and it long flower stalk as swan lake in the white swan beautiful neck, slowly lift, slowly spread petals. Winter, snow yiyi madadayo is like a fairy shear xiangyun, thickly dotted, pear flower like jade people shake down again. The Santa Claus will bring you a variety of gifts, and to send blessings to you.

I don't think: a clean and beautiful environment, and superior living environment is meaningless. Sincerely hope that the future will be elegant warmth, become more beautiful! Then hope you visit our home!

Best wishes:

A healthy body








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